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Plot Twist: the extreme cold in America is actually just Disney’s advertising campaign for Frozen

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today a guy escaped from prison but it was so cold outside he turned himself back in

did you think i was joking

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why can’t plane tickets be like 10 dollars

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"Every time I see Francis I’m convinced he’s not going to know who I am… I mean, I’m not the Finnick in the book. I’ve got brown hair, a beard, I’m a bit overweight, not 24 and I’m not seven foot… I was fully ready for the fans to hate me!"

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The Pioneers used to ride these babies for miles, and it’s in great shape!


The Pioneers used to ride these babies for miles, and it’s in great shape!

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The sharp, almost pink-ish red lighting in the walls, as if she is standing within the illuminated confines of her own, beating, flesh-and-blood heart.

The subtle creeping frost running up the buttresses, particularly visible in the penultimate gif.

And finally the needle-like icicles growing out towards her, aiming at her, in the image of the fear she has internalized for so long.

The ice palace is at once her sanctuary and her prison; it is her frozen heart.


These colors also directly call back to those in the vision Grand Pabbie showed her as a child. They are a ghostly echo of his warning very nearly coming to pass. It’s not that Elsa powers are capable of hurting others, it’s that she’s capable of hurting herself. Look at the ice caging her in, creeping and cracking around her, threatening to impale her on her own fear.

And with everything she’d been taught growing up, she’s very near in danger of that happening. Elsa’s greatest enemy was never other people, despite the misleading nature of Pabbie’s vision - it was herself

Everything has meaning in this freaking film, especially color

Honestly this scene was what affected me most in the entire movie. The red background, the pacing, the way she’s acting…  it is just so accurate as to how many mental disorders feel.  It hits anxiety right in the nose, I think.

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wee woo wee woo yes hello ma’am this is the characterization police. step aside. yr under arrest for heavily misinterpreting this character

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This is HANDS DOWN my favorite grammatical example.


This is HANDS DOWN my favorite grammatical example.

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A response to one of the most obnoxious posts I’ve read on Tumblr.

The fact that someone felt the need to make this ppt tells me that we do need more POC representation in media. OP is citing ~historical accuracy~ for frozen being the way it is - specifically that bit about “whiteass European countries” - when SURPRISE non-white Europeans have co-existed with these so-called whiteass Europeans IN HISTORY.

The fact that they gave the late 1800’s as her example and proceeded to go “well not a lot of POCs travelled to Europe at this time makes me cringe. “But you guys don’t get it Africa and Asia were really far!” - ah yes, like distance stopped Europeans from rudely invading and establishing colonies in these areas in the 1800’s or even in the centuries before that.

Now I’m not trying to convince people to hate Frozen. It was a decent Disney movie and Let It Go is a pretty catchy song. But to invalidate POC who do dislike this movie by saying WELL IT’S DISNEY IT’S GOT SUCH A GOOD MESSAGE AND I LIKE IT SO STOP WHINING is a pretty shitty thing to do. Media representation has been and currently is still a big issue. Frozen may not be outright racist in itself (yes, the message of sisterly love is great we all got that), but the fact of the matter is that it’s contributing to the normalization of white as the standard which is kind of shitty for people who aren’t white.

So no, people aren’t ~hating just because it’s white~. People are upset because in the context of mainstream media, it’s another movie that helps perpetuate marginalization in film.

Maybe actually take a couple of history courses before you attempt to educate people on racism - or in this case “not racism”.

Okay, you simpleton, maybe you need to take some history AND photography courses before attempting to do some infantile pseudo media critique of someone else’s post. Not only are you flinging the word media around like it’s nothing and keep going on and on with blatant inaccuracy, you present your own views as facts. While the OP has a few minor errors in their slide post, their shit is correct, while yours also needs citations.

Slide 1: Guess what, dove? Not only are “PoC” angry about the movie, other “PoC” are angry over the fact that you and others are making such a dramatic and agonizing stampede over a rather nice post.

Slide 2: Many genetic surveys and studies actually show that Samis are of Euroasian descent, where they could be pale and brown eyed with blonde hair and Asian features, or a slightly tanner complexion but with blonde hair and blue eyes, etc. The two largest groups are often distinguished as either kind of inuit looking or very scandinavian looking ( x ). A further example is this lovely group shot of a some Sami people showing exactly how features differ in the same ethnic group - rendering you being a picky little shit for thinking that Sami people are exclusively racially different than white people. Disney did try to show a relative difference between the Scandinavian looking Prince Hans with his sharp jaw and nose versus a more rounded Kristoff, this pays tribute to the fact that ethnic diversity isn’t always simply about the skin tone (Shocker!!!).

Slide 3: I think a good example for this is the wedding of Norway’s neighboring country - Sweden. Sweden had a fairly recent royal wedding that showed you the kind of guest list that you would expect to have been provided likewise in the movie - most of the guests would be familial relations simply because royal families of Europe are very oh so very interweaved with each other and frantically huge that you could not possibly invite any more people ( x ). Similarly, a coronation would handle the situation like a wedding as both are very official and very important events.

Slide 4: The guest list provided above should be a good indicator about how little Asian and African countries are involved. 

Slide 5: Do tell where other forms of “media inequality” are seen in recent Disney films that do not involve Tumblr “social justice activists” criticizing every thing they do not like as a form of oppression towards a racially diverse audience.

Slide 6: I think you’ve missed out on the Tumblr joke of Kuzco being a total princess and what do you not understand about ethnic diversity in terms of exploring the european cultures? Yes, that needs improvement and we are seeing lots of it in the upcoming years, with addition to unofficial Disney gals like Kida, Lilo and other racially diverse characters that equally influence girls. It’s not always about the colour, mate… It also is about the character and representation of said characters. If you can’t see past the exterior I doubt you can find the interior appealing. 

Slide 7: Actually, trolls who dwell around caves and rocks are part of Norse folklore and legends, so I’m simply assuming they’re playing on words here and making a usually unfriendly character into a helpful one as a tribute to Norse folklore ( x ). As for reindeer riding, I’m guessing you do not fully know about how there are, in fact, reindeer riders (See the Mongolian Reindeer People, thanks).

Slide 8: They’re not excusing them, they’re simply stating the further progress Disney is going to achieve.

Slide 9: I would like to conclude this with stating that this slide does not make sense with your red scribbles and I honestly do not even want to comprehend what you are saying, simply because you’ve been downright rude throughout you “correcting” OP’s slide. You’ve made a half assed effort in criticizing a piece of work, but an even lousier job by proving yourself incompetent in the field of a decent google search of knowing that maybe.. just maybe… things don’t always depend on the colour of someone’s skin tone but rather their background and history and culture that they present.

My final words for you: Go read several books instead of one, and go use google more often than the tumblr search engine. 

TL;DR: Fuck you, I provided sources more than you did, you’re wrong and you’re ignorant more than you’d like to admit that you are. 

*slow clap*


I was so pissed until i read that comment

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I have such a weakness for characters who use snark and humor to cover up the fact that they feel like huge fuck ups but they’re actually heroes with hearts of gold and smart as all hell




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❝ David has a lightness of touch that makes even the most complex ideas or the densest of texts feel effortless and accessible. He combines this mercurial deftness with an unflinching search for the truth in every role that he plays, and doesn’t shy away from uncomfortable choices. He is also incredibly funny and not in the least bit fussy about what he eats, which for me is what sets him apart from others. Unless you offer him a fish pie, in which case he will become embarrassingly like a diva and demand a meat lasagne instead. True story. ❞

Catherine Tate

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